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Management Services

At Capital Companies NY we take property management very seriously, because we own and manage properties of our own. We soon learned just how much attention it took to manage rental properties successfully. Not only is it important to properly screen prospective tenants in order to bring in quality renters, it’s also important to stay on top of the needs of the tenants, the owner, and the property itself.

While some managers wait for tenants or owners to complain, we offer a proactive approach. We check for potential problems periodically as well as responding to tenant reports of maintenance needs. Each property owner is consistently informed about concerns that may arise regarding their properties, yet they can be free of the stress of handling the issue, as all concerns are handles swiftly by us.

When there is a vacancy, we work to market the property to the desired tenant in order to restore rental income as soon as possible. When also handle bookkeeping services, such as collecting and tracking rental payments, calculating appropriate deposits, and looking at overall profits and any tax implications that come into play.